If You Want to be the Best, Integration is What You Need Print Email

Published on Thursday, 26 April 2012 21:12

Written by Jeff Knight

Integrate Your Communications

Unfortunately, our experience shows that too many exhibitors don’t integrate their marketing communication messages into their exhibition activity and treat the event as a one-off. Exhibition planning must be integrated with communication strategy. It’s crucial to have one key message to deliver before, during and after the exhibition, and to make sure it falls in line with other communication activities.

One key message is vital as we frequently see too many messages on a single stand, or elements that don’t integrate with other activities, all of which can confuse potential customers. Your stand has just a few seconds to grab attention so if it is delivering a message that is consistent with other marketing communication activities, this is much easier to do.

Integrate Your People

We have discovered that the biggest trap exhibitors fall into is built by a divide established by a lack of internal communication between Sales and Marketing teams. The result is that Sales staff don’t always appreciate why they are manning a stand, which is evident in their body language which would make any brand expert cringe. This is often because those on the stand have not been properly briefed nor trained into maximising the value of the stand.

Therefore, when planning and delivering exhibitions, integrate Sales and marketing with a common goal.

Integrate the Brand

Your brand is a highly important asset. Some would say it is your most precious. Delivering a strong brand is all about clarity and consistency. This consistency must continue through exhibitions. I am not talking about logos because your brand is everything you say and everything you do. You need to integrate the brand into your thinking and planning and ensure that the right messages are delivered by what people say and do, before, during and after the exhibition and also how they perform and act during an exhibition.

So when it comes to delivering excellence through a campaign, you need integration to be the best. This is integration of your communication, so that it is not seen as a standalone activity. You need to integrate people so everyone is bought into what you want to achieve and integrate your brand into your thinking.