If you are not already doing so, I recommend that you talk to the Expoguru team as part of your pre-exhibition activity. - James Prosser, Director at Front Events Limited.

From our experience, many companies do not make the most out of the opportunities that exhibiting presents. There are several reasons for this. Fortunately, Expoguru provides practical solutions to help you maximise returns from your investment in exhibition activity. Below are some free articles we've put together to put you on the right track. If you like what you read, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

10 Dos and Don'ts for FSExpo Exhibitors

Exhibiting at the Financial Services Expo London 2015 Billingsgate in a fortnight?

Here are 10 Dos and 10 Don'ts to help you get the best return from your stand:


  1. Plan, write down and share your stand objectives with your team

  2. Schedule staff time on the stand, with plenty of breaks

  3. Keep your stand tidy and safe and include somewhere to put coats, bags, packs of literature etc. out of sight

  4. Look friendly and interested - you have 3-5 seconds to grab attention; give visitors your full attention

  5. Use your giveaways and promote your competition

  6. Channel visitors to your stand

  7. Have a list of ‘key’ questions to filter visitors suitable to your proposition

  8. Limit your time with visitors to fit in with your plan

  9. Make sure your key contacts know you're exhibiting

  10. Take notes to go with the business cards you collect & follow up! 


  1. Don’t assume that the right people will find their way to your stand

  2. Don’t wait for customers to approach you

  3. Don’t sit at your stand (try to manage without chairs)

  4. Don’t use your phone on the stand or get side-tracked talking to colleagues

  5. Don’t use tables/displays as 'defensive' barriers

  6. Don't eat or drink while on the stand

  7. Don’t leave crockery, cutlery or bottles on display

  8. Don’t leave bags, boxes or trailing power cables around on your stand

  9. Don’t use chairs as tables for boxes, leaflets etc. or as coat hangers

  10. Don’t under-promote your stand competition

12 Top Tips for FSExpo Visitors

Attending the Financial Services Expo London 2014 Billingsgate this week?

There’s great value to be had from this year’s event.

Here are 12 top tips from Expoguru, designed to help you get the most from your visit:


  1. Decide and note the objectives you want to achieve from your FSExpo visit
  2. Check out layout, exhibitors and seminars here: http://www.financialservicesexpo.co.uk/
  3. Balance time between seminars and exhibitor visits
  4. Where possible, pre-book exhibitor meetings
  5. Pre-arrange meetings with other attendees who you want to see
  6. Draft a list of ‘key questions to filter exhibitor ‘cold approaches’


  1. Don't just turn up without planning
  2. Don't assume that you will find the right exhibitor contacts by accident
  3. Don't limit your time with stand staff - ask those key questions, get contact details and follow up
  4. Don’t get ‘button-holed’ by exhibitors who don’t ‘fit’ for you
  5. Don’t assume exhibitors will follow up - you may need to do that
  6. Don’t expect to be approached, you may be disappointed!

Size. Does It Really Matter?

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Gifts, Giveaways, And Other Mistakes

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